Updates for 2024

Happy New Year! To ring in this new year of 2024, here is a new 'Updates' section to record all the new and exciting discoveries and experiences I'm bound to continue to gain in this fascinating industry.


Past years have been filled with learning and growth. I was honoured to be part of the team that translated the judgments in the MH-17 trials, and through that experience to be introduced to valued colleagues at Congrestolken.nl. More recently, the inspirational KTV Interpreters' Conference gave me the opportunity to hear Andrew Gillies share some really handy practical tips in his keynote speech.


Sadly, in the rush of packing for the conference, I forgot to take my copy of Mr Gillies' excellent note-taking textbook to be autographed, but after benefiting from his wisdom this time I'm keeping an eye out for future appearances. Incidentally, the KTV conference celebrated the new Dutch translation of that textbook, by Ammerins Moss-De Boer and my former teacher Ana Meneses Dekker, so now Dutch-speaking colleagues can use Mr Gillies' insights to boost their skills too.


My new year's wish for you (aside from enjoying either version of Mr Gillies' book - or even both) is that a wealth of marvellous opportunities will come your way, and that they will all appear at just the right moment for you to take full advantage of them!