Anne interpreting

Conference interpreting gives me energy, and I can then pour that energy in to making your international event a success. It's a gift to be able to simultaneously transfer meaning and expression from the speaker's language to the listeners' understanding.


I interpret in a range of 'modes' of interpreting (see below), and I have enjoyed building up experience with varied clients such as multinational corporations, industry associations, government bodies and many different notaries.



Interpreting options


This is often the most efficient mode of interpreting. I translate the message while the speaker is still speaking. This is often done using a radio microphone and receivers, which I can provide on request.


When I interpret consecutively, I take notes while the speaker is speaking, usually in blocks of a few minutes at a time, and then reproduce the message in the other language at a natural break in the speech.


Interpreting a conversation involves translating messages in both directions: from Dutch to English and from English to Dutch. I will usually take notes while each speaker is speaking, and then reproduce what was said once he or she has finished.

Quality with professionalism

If you choose to use my services, you can rest assured that your interpreter is fully qualified and experienced, as I successfully completed my bachelor's degree in interpreting at ITV Hogeschool Utrecht in 2019 and have continued working and learning ever since. In 2020 I became a sworn interpreter in the Netherlands, authorised to interpret in official settings such as notarial appointments and in court.



I observe the highest standards of professionalism, confidentiality and, of course, quality in every assignment. I look forward to hearing how I can help create understanding between you and your partners and clients.