Anne Chadwick Wendrich

Photo of Anne
'The translation should read as if the original document had been written by an English speaker'

I moved to the Netherlands from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK in 2013, and I continue to be fascinated by Dutch society and culture. Although I keep a close eye on current events in Britain, the Netherlands is my home and I am a keen follower of Dutch politics and society.


My varied educational background in areas such as world history (BA (Hons.) in History, University of Huddersfield) and Latin American public policy (MA (cum laude) in Latin American Studies, Leiden University) only enhances my practical training and experience. In addition to gaining my Bachelor's degree in Interpreting from ITV University of Applied Sciences, I have spent years honing my translating and interpreting skills in ever more complex projects and settings, as well as supporting my future colleagues by teaching Translation Studies for two years.


My approach to translation is flexible, focusing on the audience for the end product. It goes without saying that my translations are always written in correct English, but it is often more important for a text to flow naturally than for every obscure grammatical rule to be followed. My goal is for the translation to read as if the original document had been written by an English speaker.