Anne Chadwick Wendrich

I have lived in the Netherlands with my Dutch husband since 2013, and I continue to make every effort to learn about and integrate into Dutch society and culture. Before that, I lived in my home city, Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. I keep in close touch with family, friends and current events in Britain, but my home is in the Netherlands and I am a keen follower of Dutch politics and society. That focus was only intensified during my bachelor's degree in Dutch-English interpreting at ITV Hogeschool for Interpreters and Translators in Utrecht.


In terms of my other working languages, I have studied Spanish since 2011. I gained my Master's degree in Latin American Studies from Leiden University in 2017, having written my thesis (in Spanish) on equality in access to water and sanitation in Lima, Peru.


It goes without saying that my translations are always written in correct English. That said, clients often feel that it is more important for a text to flow naturally than for every guideline to be followed. My goal is for the English translation to read as if the original document had been written in English.